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Life Coaching

What we do in our coaching sessions is so much more than coaching, it is fully transformative. We get you to dig deep and really grow. We challenge your thinking so that you understand your potential is greater than any method, philosophy or restrictions we have placed on us by others or by ourselves.

Our sessions are dynamic, and never follow a formula – we know each person is made up of a unique and one of kind combination of DNA, life experience and potential and we seek to optimize that combination for maximum understanding, success and fulfilment.

F G Foundations have created bespoke assessment tools to support talent and gifting identification and these are integrated into the coaching

We adhere to a standard of excellence, and want your life to bear the mark of excellence on it in everything you do. We coach people from all walks of life and for different reasons. Whether it is coaching to find out your purpose, attain a specific goal, develop as a leader, achieve a breakthrough, be successful or become the person you were meant to, we would be honoured to be instrumental in the process.

We offer both personal life coaching and executive coaching

Personal Life Coaching is for anyone wanting to be the best they can be. It is one of the most rewarding processes you can do for yourself. If you are looking at coaching because feel you fit the category of a leader, or potential leader then have a look at our leadership development programme

Personal life coaching will lead you to a place of knowing and loving yourself, and understanding your identity. You will also feel a freedom to pursue your passion because we will help you work through what it really means to be passionate. You will stand on firmer ground with good foundations, foundations for lasting growth.

You will develop a toolkit that is designed for you and your journey, and the evidence of your efforts will begin to show in expected and unexpected ways in your life.

Some of the themes addressed in the process are:


Life Purpose



Conflict Resolution


Understanding Emotions

Values and Principles


Length of Coaching Sessions

Most people get the best results from coaching when they are coached on a regular basis over a period of 10 to 15 sessions, one session every 2 weeks. Each session lasts two hours.