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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is for corporates wanting to maximize the potential of their leadership and team to achieve corporate success.

It is an outcomes driven process that links the best interest of the company with the development of the individual and team. This process is designed to create an understanding of the dynamics at play between the organization and its people, and work towards growing together for a bigger purpose.

We understand that the ingredients that create excellent performers are dynamic, as well as unique and specific to each person and the business. We consider all factors at play and implement solutions based thinking that creates lasting change. This will result in optimized performance of the individuals in the team and the business, and create solid working relationships based on peace, honesty, integrity and respect.

The process of executive coaching is often most effective when it is coupled with workshops (link to tab) that discuss and develop your team in potential growth areas.

The process includes the following:

  • During the contracting phase with the executive, it is the executive coach's responsibility to ensure that the goal-setting conversation is sequenced for best results.

  • Encouraging the high potential leader to name the business results needed.

  • Find out what team behaviors need to be different to accomplish the results.

  • Explore what personal leadership challenges the executive faces in improving these results and team behaviors.

  • Identify specific behaviors the leader and staff needs to enhance or change personally

Length of Coaching Sessions

Most people get the best results from coaching when they are coached on a regular basis over a period of 10 to 15 sessions, one session every 2 weeks. Each session lasts two hours.