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About Marian Fitz-Gibbon  

marian  Marian is an executive and life coach, trainer, speaker who impacts the lives of those with
  whom she engages. As a result people are challenged in a way that brings about personal
  transformation for greater personal and future growth.

  She also writes custom-built courses and workshops on several topics to meet the client’s
  particular needs.

 These are imparted with knowledge, skill, great personal understanding with a creative
  integrated and applied approach.  Marian’s studies and experience in psychology, art,
  counselling, narrative therapy, theology, journalism, & speech and drama teaching together
  with commercial practice give her an all-round, highly diverse ability to address and understand
  people effectively.

  Marian is a well-known public speaker, consultant and contributor to various magazines. She
  was on the  Netcare’s South African Doctor’s Training Program. She has been called upon to
  prepare various Presidential officials on the subject of Protocol and Etiquette.  

She has sat on the Board of Sanctuary Christian Counselling Centre and Timios Homes.  She develops bespoke training courses for the mediation departments of a family planning centre in Johannesburg.

Together with Noel, her husband of over 30 years, they run workshops in churches throughout Southern Africa on various aspects of Communicating with God.

She is culturally diverse and is a highly talented speaker which assists corporates, groups, leaders, churches and individuals to delve into such issues as turning their passions into success and finding their purpose and meaning in life.  

Her clarion call is that people find that ‘Golden Thread’ within themselves and be relevant in this time and age and be willing to contribute into all spheres of their lives. She challenges people to embrace their spiritual, intellectual and social dimensions of their lives and use them to advance society.

As an accomplished speaker to numerous audiences her natural energy and dynamic presentation style offers an unforgettable inspiring and spiritually challenging experience.