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About Kate Fitz-Gibbon  

kate  Kate was born to develop people to become who they were truly meant to be.
  She is one who searches for beauty, excellence and strength and implements it as a way of life.

   She looks for greatness in the little things, while moving clients towards making their reality a
   productive and exciting space. Not prone to living by the standards of the world, she seeks to coach away
   from system based thinking and towards developing optimized individuals.

  She feels most alive when empowering others.
  Kate has a heart for healing, instilling wisdom, challenging boundaries, and inspiring people by using both
  logic and creativity.

Kate has been working in the coaching and development space since 2005. She lives the example that you should not always listen to voices of society that would tell you only certain things are possible. Kate has followed her dream that she had since the age of 9, which is to transform people fully through the heart, mind, body and spirit.

She writes courses for FG Foundations and facilitates workshops as well develops coaching processes that are used in the sessions.

Kate has her business which is an accessories range which she designs herself, named Alexandra K.  

She has also studied her Psychology (Honors) while working in various industries of marketing, events, product management, sales, and is a makeup artist and stylist.