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Our Coaches

Marian Fitz-Gibbon

marian  Marian is an executive and life coach, trainer, speaker who impacts the lives of those with whom she engages.  As a
  result people are challenged in a way that brings about personal transformation for greater personal and future growth.

  She also writes custom-built courses and workshops on several topics to meet the client’s particular needs. These are
  imparted with knowledge, skill, great personal understanding with a creative integrated and applied approach.
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Kate Fitz-Gibbon

marianKate was born to develop people to become who they were truly meant to be. She is one who searches for beauty, excellence and strength and implements it as a way of life.

She looks for greatness in the little things, while moving clients towards making their reality a productive and exciting space. Not prone to living by the standards of the world, she seeks to coach away from system based thinking and towards developing optimized individuals. Read more