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FG Foundations Client Testimonials

Steve Midgley: Head of Amazon Web Services
Thanks so much Marian, you helped give me the foundation to achieve my current President of EMEA role !!

Tim Horn: Managing Director, Abacus Gardens
Marian has assisted us in several key arenas. The extent of her involvement has ranged from assisting with interviewing and evaluating candidates for senior management employment, coaching and mentoring staff that had been earmarked for promotion or were experiencing challenges, conflict resolution, crisis counselling, directing and facilitating employee substance abuse cases and more recently providing her candid and invaluable input with respect to our participation in the TV series “Designer Gardener”.

I have always been so pleased with Marian’s approach. Whilst professional, Marian’s focus on the individual’s personal needs whilst driving the company’s business priorities simultaneously, has endeared her to all levels of staff who have enjoyed either a private one on one session with Marian or a group gathering. Her ongoing personal interest in individuals, long after their course with her was completed, has been most admirable. We have been the privileged beneficiaries of Marian’s expertise in developing the human potential of the Abacus Gardens’ team.

There are many other things I could add, but mainly I’d like to say thank you again to Marian for the part she played in taking us upwards and forwards. It’s been an honour to write this letter of recommendation!

Martie du Plessis: Founder of Dynamis Learning
When I reflect on my life, one life changing moment stands out and that was the day when a considerate women has spoken words of life over my dry bones.   Marian has seen my potential and she has spoken words of life and hope over me. Not just did she do that, she befriend me and  model a life of passion and dedication to bring hope to people. Now, 14 years further, I have helped about 9000 families in shaping their destiny.
I can now mentor others with the same perseverance because I had over many years experienced the guidance of my caring mentor and life couch.  Through the years I could wrestled through the tyrannies of life, guided by my mentor and friend and protected by God my Father. I can give because it has been given to me!  Marian, God will honour you for reaching out to a lost soul in desperation.

Wadzi Machena
During the period when Marian was my coach, I grew in leaps and bounds. I entered her office at the beginning, a broken woman with great potential but who had hit a dead end. At the completion of the program that she has specifically tailored and designed for my circumstances.  I believe I am better equipped to excel in my career, life and love, as a result of Marian’s expert assistance.

Marian is exceptionally skilled in the areas of coaching and human developed. A well rounded, well educated coach, her preparation for each client is thorough. She takes pride in providing excellent bespoke services and goes beyond the extra mile for her clients. She is trustworthy, wise and adept to reading her clients well, skills that lend to a robust and effective individually tailored program for her clients.

Professor Charles Whitehead: RAU
1. Courses - well structured, to the point, informative, excellently presented
2. Public speaking ability - clear, on time, considerate of audience, interesting and not boring, captivating
3. Impact of character - life-changing, no hype like motivational speakers but still very motivating.

Faan Barnard: General Manager (IT), Omnia Group
Marian’s skilled approach recognized my immense personal and work-related stress circumstances and as a result it immediately had the desired impact. We were able to hone specific skills that I needed at the time.  To achieve maximum effect, it was clear that she adjusted her approach and coaching techniques to suit my engineering mind and very analytical nature.

Now, almost two years later, I can see the benefits in my professional life.  My ability to better deal with stressful situations has also had a lasting impact on my personal and family life.

Nina Coetzee Roets
Hi Marian, just want to say that I enjoyed yesterday's M workshop so much! It gave me new fresh perspective on some things in my life. Thank you very much.  Nina

Hildegarde (Roos) Brits: Owner, Divorce Clinic
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Marian gave excellent training for mediators on body language which was informative and extremely valuable!" 

Tania Combrink: Managing Director, Timios Homes
The role that Marian Fitz-Gibbon played initially was to guide me to search for those values and morals and find enough courage in myself to set my feet upon that road again. After many of the sessions, I had a lot of soul searching to do, which lead me to finding new tools that could fit in my new toolbox, called “life after divorce and broken dreams”. Marian Fitz-Gibbon guided me to believe in my own abilities again, to stop the previous believe system of worthlessness and find the Truth that I could do anything I set my mind on. My determination and the fact that Marian Fitz-Gibbon believed in me, were the two key components of finding new ways to rise from the ashes and start working in a leadership position. I was surrounded by strong woman, yet my new “toolbox” had enough valuable and correct tools in it! It gave me enough courage to successfully start a support group and in leading this group of foster parents and business people. Eventually it grew into a strong organisation, and I was able to uphold myself, my three children and a challenging career.

Every time I had to embrace change in my life as a positive - although it always feels like a negative initially. I know for a fact now that: change is here to stay and it is the only way I could keep on growing. My own growth provided the door to seeing my children for the individuals they are; understanding that they each have different needs and personalities. Even though I will never be perfect, I know through the coaching with Marian Fitz-Gibbon that I have learned to look at situations from more than one angle, evaluate what I observe and apply the change that is needed for all parties to have a positive outcome. If relationships put a lot of strain on the environment in the workplace, or when difference of opinions brings about conflict, a strong leader that knows his or her self-worth can stand back and lead whilst serving! This is my biggest life lesson – that I could achieve the climbing of mountains on a continual basis with success without the constant doubting of myself.

If I never had Marian Fitz-Gibbon as a coach, I would not have been able to stand as the Managing Director and therapist myself that can help others to find the gold in themselves. I consider it a great honour to know Marian Fitz-Gibbon. She has been a mentor in my life for extended times at different personal growth levels. She also assisted valuable workshops for my organisation and a sister – organisation as we went through a merge that could benefit both parties. Marian Fitz-Gibbon assisted us to see each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work around it. We found solutions with her guidance and the staff of both organisations grew from strength to strength through the merge!

Marian Fitz-Gibbons’ help made me see: Never stay stuck in one position, but search and consider what the main problem could be, and resolve it. To remain stuck with “the symptoms” of a problem, use to be my functioning model many years ago – today I can truly say: I look forward to new challenges. Every day is a brand new day with endless possibilities!

Sylvi Bodemer, Managing Director: SA Cares for Life
“The coaching sessions allowed us to move forward as a team, closer to the current calling that God has on us corporately. Marian and Kate both have the professional skills and heart for God’s leading, that makes them a formidable team. I would recommend them to any individual or corporate entity.”